Cider Vinegar

Made from fresh Australian Apples, our ACV contains the mother and all the kick-arse good stuff! Unpasteurised, unfiltered and as natural as you can get, it’s the best tasting ACV you’ve ever tried!

Vinegar Tonics

Our Vinegar tonics were born from the realisation that so many people, including ourselves find straight ACV hard to stomach sometimes, so we thought what better way than to help people get all the goodness from other foods we added in! Ask any nutritionist, dietician, naturopath or herbalist about the benefits of some of our ingredients: Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Beetroot & Peppermint - you’ll be sure to make our vinegar tonics a regular staple in your pantry.

Golden ACV 500ml
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ACV + Beet & Mint
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About Us?

Unlike so many other ACV's, we're 100% Australian Made & Australian Grown. We don't use apples that are imported, and we can guarantee those apples are from the best sources we can find. By supporting us, your support a family owned and operated local business.

All of our vinegars contain the mother....why? Because that's part of the difference between our ACV & plenty of others. It's raw, live, unpasteurised and unfiltered, meaning all of the good stuff is left in there.

We created New Superfood Co. to make it easier to get good quality Australian health vinegars. We set out from the start to make a quality product, not taking any shortcuts on the way. If we have to add anything that’s not natural, we won’t make the product.